dreadlock removal is very possible for all types of hair textures and types. We use the Take Down Remover Cream

Unique Dreadlock Remover & Matted Hair Detangler Salon Opens in South Africa
Johannesburg is the home of the first Dreadlock Remover Matted Hair Detangler Service for Africa.

The common belief in South Africa is that dreadlocks have to be cut or shaved off. As well as very matted tangled hair. The detangle techs at Hair Detangler School SA are helping to disprove this belief with their unique hair restoration services.

They don’t want people to be depressed or feel that there is no hope for their hair getting back to normal.
What’s good for tangled hair is not always the best shampoo for knotty hair or the best detangler for matted black hair. There are so many good products for dreads being used as the process to achieve the best detangler for black natural hair or as a children’s hair detangler spray. The new hairstyles that use fake dreadlocks are causing stylists to detangle knotted hair. Whether it is the best moisturizer for dreads or the best detangler spray for curly hair, just make sure you know the use for shampoo and conditioner for dreads.

They remove hair extensions, twist braid extensions, and take down dreadlocks easy. Techniques to Detangle hair fast and easy is their specialty. they have natural products for healthy hair growth, hair restoration and for detangling very matted tangled hair.

They advocate Do not cut your matted hair…..Do Not Cut Dreadlocks because all things are possible with God. Luke 1:37.

They can also provide mobile detangle services to people who can not travel to salon. They travel to hospitals or centres to provide these specialized hair restoration services.

They also provide specialized training for interested individuals, hairdressers or salons that want to train their stylists. They are also hiring people to train while working in the salon.

Interested individuals, product retailers/distributors or trainees contact them via email at [email protected] or at their training center details below

Wonderful South Africa.