Total Matting Of Scalp Hair

Total Matting of Scalp Hair in Johannesburg, South Africa is very prevalent.


Women with severely, matted and tangled hair can breathe a sigh of relief, following Hair Detangler School’s revelation of a new product they have been using to effectively treat hairs of this nature.

Professional Hair Detangler School SA offers professional detangling service, unique to Africa, for those who want to get rid of tangles and mats in their hair without cutting their mane.

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The Take Down Remover cream is and American product and the only one that the professional’s at Hair Detangler School SA  use.

Apart from effectively treating tangled, matted hair, the Take Down Remover Cream can be used in the detangling of dreadlocks, braids, sew-in weaves, twists and extensions.  It is also excellent option for the removal of bonding glue and keratin heat fusion bonds.

Senior Detangle Tech Trainers at Hair Detangler School SA state that “Most hairdressers just want to cut very matted tangled hair. They do not know about the Take Down Remover or the techniques needed to successfully detangle. Furthermore, they just can’t be bothered with devoting a day or two days to detangling hair.” Also they emphasize that “We do, however, train hairdressers who want to learn.”

To get hair professionally detangled or for expert training in detangling tangled matted hair.

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