Dreadlock Removal Service

Do Not Cut Dreadlocks or Shave Dreadlocks Off Anymore!

Enjoy the hair your have taken time to grow for so many years

Full Lace Brazilian Peruvian Wigs

Full lace wigs are a very fun and beautiful way to change your look in 5 mins. Deep wavy, Straight or Curly. 18 inches, 20 inches or 26 inches are available

Matted Hair Detangler Services

Let this service be  your  first choice to save your hair.  We offer  products/services for very matted tangled hair.

Take down products

Take Down (TD) Remover Super Detangler

The TD Super Detangler product can save your hair.  We do not use conditioners or glycerin sprays to detangle very matted tangle hair.  It makes the hair worse.

We detangle all types of  very matted tangled hair, mixed hair, natural hair, etc

Do NOT CUT your hair.     

We only use the Take Down Remover Cream to safely remove and detangle your hair.

Hair Product Distributors Wanted for Super Detangler Product.  Remove hair extensions, braids or dreadlocks easy.  Detangle hair fast and easy.

This  product is for detangling very matted tangled hair.  Do not cut your hair.....Do Not Cut Dreadlocks Anymore!


Professional Hair Detangler Services- Matted

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