Matted Hair Dreadlock Removal Possibilities

We not only work to restore your hair we want to help you rejuvenate your life again

Hiding matted tangled hair is quite normal unless you have dreadlocks.  When you do not have the assistance, time, emotional strength or finances to get your hair detangled, here are ways to keep the matts from getting worse while you wait and prepare to get professional detangle services.

We know your hair does not feel clean, but Do not shampoo frequently, it makes the hair matts/tangles tighter.  Also it makes you hair smell; due to build up that is locked in matted hair.  If your scalp feels itchy try not to scratch it with pins or needles that could cut your scalp.  It could lead to irritation of the scalp. Use peppermint or eucalyptus oils to sooth the itchiness of the scalp.  Also they will help with the scent of your hair.

Severely Matted hair is really just a sad case of un-planned  dreadlocks.  So do not feel hopeless, just begin to research your solutions to getting your hair back to normal.  Are you hiding your horribly matted tangled hair?  We know it’s not your fault…. Not all hairdressers share the same care about hair.

When women seek the assistance, advice or service of a salon or cosmetology school to resolve horribly matted tangled hair.  Many times hairdressers or  cosmetology students are not encouraged to take the time needed to even attempt to detangle a client’s hair.  They only offer advice that makes their job easier…CUT.  Which obviously is not  about catering to the client’s needs at all.

Medical students are exposed to emergency care units during their training, because it is a very important aspect of practicing medicine and saving lives.

Cosmetology students need to be trained in emergency hair care treatment for saving very tangled matted hair.  Every hairstylist will inevitably experience having one or more clients seeking help for this issue.

While the increase of women deciding to transition from relaxed hair to natural hair, or the removal of protective hairstyles, such as braids, weaves, dreadlocks and hair extensions; has caused more matted tangled hair issues.   It is evident that not all hairdressers share the same care about hair.

 Hidden hair horrors happen when your hair becomes suddenly matted or tangled.  That is when you have to be DETERMINED TO DETANGLE YOUR HAIR

Daniel 5: 16 proves to us that we all can receive wisdom from God to help solve difficult knotty, tangled problems

Determined to detangle matted hair-Desiring detangle services yet tangled in doubt….

The story of Daniel in the bible reveals that God can give wisdom and knowledge to solve any problem if we sincerely desire it.  Daniel 5: 16 proves to us that we all can receive wisdom from God to help solve difficult knotty, tangled problems.  Our desire is simply to dissolve doubt concerning detangling very matted tangled hair.


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