Our Approach

Our work is based on the love and faith we have in God. Jesus Christ traveled to bring (Gospel)good news to people. He brought healing, love, peace, blessings, freed people from bondage; but most importantly he demonstrated to us that nothing is impossible with God. Matthew 19:26.

We provide a service that is priceless because we provide hair restoration to people who sometimes have lost all hope of ever getting their hair back to normal again.  The work we do is not glamorous, neither is the work of a plumber, but people need them all over the world.

Our Story

In South Africa, we offer specialized hair restoration techniques as well as service providers and educators for entangling and removing severely matted tangled hair, braids, dreadlocks, hair weaves, hair extensions and twist.

Even if your matted tangled hair is a manifestation of life’s events or situations. Cutting your hair is not the cure for tangled matted hair provide help, treatment and solutions to restore your tangled matted hair back to normal

Call us today or email. Join our team, it may not be for you but do it for a loved one, client, friend, associate or stranger who needs help now!

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Professional Hair Detangler School Africa TRAINING CENTER 

 110 Bordeaux Drive, Progress House Building, Randburg, 2194

Johannesburg South Africa